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Physical Education

Heads of Department

Jenny Flintoft Head of Girls’ PE

Jenny Flintoft
Head of Girls’ PE

Phil Marwood - Head of Boys' PE

Phil Marwood
Head of Boys’ PE

Please email Mr Marwood Head of Boys PE or email Miss Flintoft Head of Girls PE if you need to make an enquiry about physical education.

Curriculum Time

All pupils receive two hours a week of physical education in the curriculum. In Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to continue with physical education as a GCSE option subject. This is in addition to the two hours of core PE which all pupils receive. Currently there are more than 50 GCSE pupil taking physical education at Ryedale School, receiving five hours of lessons per fortnight in addition to their core PE lessons.


Homework is set routinely for all Year 10 and 11 GCSE physical education lessons as part of the school Homework Timetable. Pupils keep a record of the homework in their planners. Physical education homework is not set for Key Stage 3 students.

Class Groupings

Pupils have two hours of PE per week, taught in single sex groups.

Boys activities include: football, cricket, rugby, tennis, athletics, basketball, gymnastics, golf, orienteering, HRF, rounders, badminton, squash, canoeing, climbing, swimming, hockey, dodgeball, lacrosse, indoor rowing and volleyball.

Girls activities include: netball, hockey, athletics, gymnastics, rounders, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, orienteering, team building, HRF, football, badminton, squash, canoeing, climbing, swimming, dodgeball, indoor rowing, volleyball and rugby.

GCSE Syllabus

We follow AQA 4890 GCSE Physical Education Syllabus. There is only one tier of entry in physical education. The course is divided into two distinct areas: Unit 1 Knowledge and understanding for the active participant (40%), Unit 2 The active participant (60%). Unit 1 is the theory part of the course which is examined at the end of Year 11. Unit 2 is controlled assessment units in four practical activities, which the pupils chose to be assessed in.

GCSE PE practical lessons are taught in single sex groups.

GCSE PE theory is taught in mixed sex ability groups.


Indoors: Gymnasium (with climbing wall), Fitness Suite, The school hall is also used in inclement weather.

Outdoors: 2 Football pitches, 2 Hockey pitches, 400m grass Athletics track, 3 Rounders pitches, 2 cricket pitches (artificial wicket), 2 Outdoor cricket nets, 4 tennis courts, 3 Netball courts


Departmental Ethos

The curriculum in Year 7, 8 and 9 is fundamentally about enjoying physical education, developing skills and understanding the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. This provides an excellent platform for GCSE physical education.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

This is an integral and important part of the department’s work. The department offers an extensive range of extra curricular activities including lunchtime and after school practices and fixtures. House match competitions run throughout the year, taking place through twenty three different sports. The results go towards the Halifax trophy which is presented at the end of the Easter term. School teams are successful at District, County and National Level. Pupils respond to extra curricular opportunities extremely positively.


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