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• Explore, creativity through producing gymnastic and aerobics routines
• Creating and developing own attacking and defensive set plays and tactics
• Reflecting and critiquing their own and others performances
• Using discovery style to allow pupils to have their own thoughts, ideas and concerns
• Questioning pupils throughout lessons – WHY, WHAT, WHERE and HOW

• Promote fair play and team work in lessons
• Encourage good sportsmanship throughout
• Respect with equipment both when using it and when storing it
• Respect for their facilities and the environment they are active in
• Reward good behaviour through merit system
• Reward commitment through school colours
• Listening to teacher and peer feedback
• Promote trust with peers through team building activities

• Creating a sense of community in lessons and clubs
• Interact with the community and primary schools through the sports leaders awards
• Encourage pupils to recognise and respect social differences and similarities
• Celebrate success both in and out of school
• Use of leaders lunchtime clubs and extra-curricular activities
• Encouraging extra-curricular activities
• Promoting team work throughout lessons
• Providing peer mentoring opportunities in lessons

• Gaining an understanding of different sports and their foundations
• Use of international examples of different athletes and their achievements
• Cultural engagement through elite performers both at school and in their own sporting environment
• Various trips offered to experience different cultures

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