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What we deliver in school

Here at Ryedale School we provide a spiral curriculum which allows us to reinforce the dangers out there surrounding the internet and e-safety. We recognise that the internet and electronic devices are fantastic resources within the modern day world that we live in. However, it is vital that we educate our students to remain safe online. Throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, we deliver a range of PSHE and computing lessons and workshops that back up this message. We also support and raise awareness around Online Safety Week and have partnered up with CEOP members of North Yorkshire Police to ensure that our students have a broad knowledge around;

  • Social networking
  • Cyber bullying
  • Cyber stalking
  • Sexting
  • Identity Theft
  • Online grooming
  • Inappropriate content
  • And other up to date topics around e-safety

We also offer an annual online safety workshop for parents and carers, fronted by Miss Wallis and CEOP trained members of North Yorkshire Police to ensure parents and carers feel comfortable with the ever changing advice around online safety.

How can parents/carers help at home?

New technology is transforming our world. Computers, the internet, and mobile phones are now such a part of everyday life that it is hard to imagine how we coped without them.

However, technology is not all positive, and an awareness of the downsides and risks is essential. As a parent you should be aware of the dangers, so you can monitor, support and advise your children. It is impossible and possibly unreasonable to “ban” your son or daughter from accessing these technologies, but it is important that you discuss with them what the dangers are, and help them to understand the risks.

The tabs contain some key information you should be aware of, and provides links to other sites that give more detailed information.

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