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Duke of Edinburgh

The Ryedale School Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Unit is run by Mr Jon Hogg assisted by Mr Steven Underwood and Mr Connor-Crabb. There is lots of useful information on the D of E website. Please email Mr Jon Hogg if you need to make an enquiry about the award.

Duke of Edinburgh Award logoThe Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a voluntary programme which the students undertake in their own time. We recruit students at the end of year 9. It began in 1956 and is aimed at young people aged between 14 and 25. Over ¼ million young people take part each year.

The Award provides a superb opportunity for young people to experience challenge and adventure, to make new friends and learn new skills. We try to develop self-discipline, perseverance and decision making throughout the programme.

An additional benefit of completing the award is that colleges and employers recognise and value it because it shows that you have stickability, you can adapt and show initiative, you can make decisions and accept the consequences and plan and work effectively as part of a team. The award is available at 3 levels Bronze (Year 10), Silver (Year 11) and Gold (Year 12/13). As you move up through the awards each section becomes more challenging.

During the award students are involved in volunteering to help others, learning or improving a skill, physical recreation and the challenging but popular expeditions. Training for the Expedition takes place on Fridays after school. Many of our young people get involved – over 60 have signed up for the Bronze Award this year.

This is a valuable activity to get involved in. It says a lot about you as an individual. It will make you a better person if you stick at it and see it through to the end.

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