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Our Curriculum

 At Ryedale School, we believe that knowledge changes the way we see the world. We believe it is our duty and privilege to show our students the best that has ever been thought, said, made, and played. 

Our taught curriculum identifies invaluable knowledge, skills, and big ideas in each subject area. It ensures students do not simply encounter these ideas but know them deeply and use them regularly. 

We provide a range of trips, visits, clubs, ensembles, and other activities that will challenge, excite, and motivate our students.

During their time at Ryedale School our students will love learning. They will be able to work independently by planning, monitoring, and evaluating their own progress. They will be open to feedback and support from their teachers. They will be curious, work hard, and interact with others with kindness, honesty, and respect.

When our students leave Ryedale School they will be positive members of the wider community. They will have a good understanding of the opportunities that are available to them in order to access higher education, further training, and have a fulfilling working life. They will know how to be healthy and safe, and where they can get support if they require it.


Reasonable Adjustments

We offer a flexible curriculum where appropriate to meet individual needs that may relate to academic, emotional, physical or health related barriers. This is balanced against ensuring students retain a broad range of subjects that ensure they can progress to the next stage of their education journey or work. 


Definition of Curriculum

Our curriculum includes timetabled academic lessons; assembly time; form-times, citizenship weeks and volunteering; sporting practices, fixtures and leadership roles; tuition, rehearsals and performances in music and drama; trips and visits and subject specific extension opportunities. 


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