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Why School Uniform is Important:

School uniform is an important part of our school life, helping to establish good standards of appearance, building a sense of being part of the school and helping to reduce social and economic differences. The list of school uniform is reviewed every year. The uniform is reasonably priced and easily available from SchoolShop at; Form Tutors and Senior Staff will frequently check pupils’ uniform. We ask that all parents support the school in clothing their children according to the following list:


  • Plain black, full length trousers. No denim, cord or ‘skinny’ type trousers. Belts, if worn, must be plain black with a small buckle. (Trousers must be of the same materials as sold in the ‘school-shop’).
  • For girls, if preferred, a plain black school skirt of respectable length (close to the knee) can be worn. If not purchased from the School-shop, the skirt must be the same design and material as our school skirt sold on Please note that our school skirt is slightly ‘A’ Line in design, with no split at the back.   
  • White shirt, with collar, of sufficient length to tuck into trousers or skirt. Shirts must have a top button that is worn fastened. Sports shirts are not allowed. Short sleeved shirts are permitted. If sleeves are rolled up on long sleeved shirts, they can only be rolled to the elbow.
  • School tie (purchased from school for £4 each). The tie is to be worn to cover the top button with the school crest visible below the knot. Upper school tie to be worn for Years 9-11.
  • Plain black shoes with sensible heels and of a design that holds the foot safely and securely. Black boots may be worn underneath trousers, but not with skirts. The trouser must cover the whole of the upper part of the boot. Shoes and boots must be of leather or leather-look type material.  Narrow-heeled shoes must not be worn to protect our wooden floors.  Trainers, ‘Ugg-type’ boots, canvas shoes, and shoes with logos or decoration are not permitted.
  • Plain grey/black matching socks. Tights must be black or natural in colour and plain in design.
  • School jumper with crest.

Please note: the school jumper is a compulsory item of school uniform to be purchased.


  • Black Performing Arts tee-shirt and plain black tracksuit bottoms (or plain black leggings for girls if preferred).


  • Navy blue games skort (of appropriate length); hockey boots or football boots; long white games socks, shin pads, gum shield, short white games socks; Ryedale School white polo shirt; trainers.
  • A tracksuit or navy blue sweatshirt may be useful for outside use in cold weather, but must not display large logos.


  • Two pairs of shorts, one navy blue for outdoors and one white for indoors; trainers; royal blue football socks; short white games socks; school rugby shirt in royal blue; white shirt (polo or tee); football boots and shin pads. A tracksuit, school hoody or navy blue sweatshirt may be useful for outside use in cold weather, but must not display large logos.


  • Outside the school building pupils are encouraged to wear a suitable plain coat, of predominantly one colour, to keep warm and dry and withstand the extremes of weather. Coats are available to purchase online at Please see uniform guidance on the school website for examples of acceptable coats.
  • Outdoor coats must not be made of denim or leather, or be of a military or obvious branding style, (eg: Adidas stripes) or contain graffiti or slogans. Coats must not resemble a training top/sports style jacket.
  • Sweatshirts, including hoodies, or jumpers (other than the official Ryedale School jumper) are not acceptable. The only jumper that may be worn, either inside the classroom or outside, is the official Ryedale School jumper, purchased from school.
  • No coats, hats or scarves to be worn in the school buildings.
  • All items of clothing and personal kit should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name. This can help greatly in recovering lost property.
  • Pupils are encouraged to wear hats and sun cream during hot weather.


  • Tattoos are not allowed on Ryedale School pupils. As it is illegal to tattoo a person under the age of 18, we do not anticipate a problem with this rule.  To avoid confusion, transfers also must not be worn.
  • Body piercing, with the exception of ears, is not permitted for Ryedale School pupils; studs are not allowed in any part of the body other than the ears (see rules below).  As the medical recommendation is that young people do not have any part of their body, other than their ears, pierced, we do not anticipate a problem with this rule.


  • Necklaces and pendants must not be visible if worn.
  • Bangles or wrist bands/bracelets may not be worn.
  • One small, flat ring may be worn. One small pair of studs (one per ear) may be worn in pierced ears. Sleepers/hoops are not permitted. Earrings are only permitted to be worn in the ear lobe.

            (Please note that any pupil wearing additional pairs of earrings, or studs in their body other than the one permitted pair in their ears, will be expected to remove them).

  • In practical lessons pupils may be required to remove jewellery on the grounds of hygiene and safety. In PE lessons pupils must remove all items of jewellery, including ear studs, on the grounds of safety as instructed by North Yorkshire County Council.


  • Very discreet make-up may be worn; (if it is obvious, it is not discreet).
  • Acrylic nails are not permitted. Coloured nail varnish is not permitted.
  • Hair, if dyed, must remain a natural colour. Multi-coloured hair is not allowed.
  • The Secondary Director will reserve the right to consider certain hair styles and colours unacceptable. Long hair must be tied back if it poses a health and safety risk.  Extremely short hair of the “skinhead” style is not allowed.

Further guidance with examples of acceptable items of clothing can be viewed on the school website. Should you have any queries with regards to whether something meets our school uniform policy, please seek advice from school before purchasing an item.

Thank you to all students and parents for supporting these rules.

Thank you to all students and parents for supporting these rules.

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