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Citizenship Overview

Donna Wallis - SMSC, PD & Citizenship Co-ordinator

Donna Wallis
SMSC, PD & Citizenship Co-ordinator

Head of Department

Please email Donna Wallis if you need to make an enquiry about citizenship.

Curriculum Time

Citizenship is taught via a range of routes here at Ryedale School. Fundamental citizenship outcomes are embedded in a range of other subject curriculum, particularly PBE (philosophy, belief and ethics), History and Geography. Areas of citizenship education that are not covered via other curriculum areas are covered through assemblies, workshops, drop down days and the ‘Learn 2’ lessons that are incorporated in our students’ KS3 timetables.

Subject content is reviewed and changed each year by Donna Wallis and Carolyn Williams


Homework is not routinely set in citizenship. However, we do expect that our students keep up to date with current affairs. Occasional homework tasks may be set throughout the year.

Class Groupings

All classes in Learn 2 are taught in mixed ability groups. Citizen workshops are delivered in form groups/year groups.

GCSE Syllabus

There is no GCSE option currently available in Citizenship at Ryedale School.

Rooming and Resources

We make use of the most appropriate equipment and technologies to allow students to fully investigate and understand the topics being covered.

Departmental Ethos

The curriculum across all years is fundamentally about engaging students in understanding the world around them and their place within society.

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