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House System

On entry to Ryedale School, every child is placed in a tutor group, attached to a House. There are four Houses in total and in allocating each student their House at the end of Year 6 we take into account the House identity of any older siblings in the school to promote a sense of tradition within our Ryedale families. We ensure each House includes students with a range of talents, abilities and interests to ensure our thriving house system remains highly competitive.

Over 80 sports competitions take place over the school year, with activities including netball, hockey, rugby, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball. Students are also able to earn points for their House via whole school events such as the Fundraiser Walk, through attendance competitions, and of course by collecting merits, which is an integral part of our rewards system at Ryedale School.

At Easter time, we award the Halifax Trophy to the House earning the most points from sports competitions over the year. At the end of the summer term, the Merit Shield is awarded to the House with the most points from students gaining the highest number of merit certificates (from the Bronze Certificate to the Headteacher’s Award.) The awarding of these trophies creates huge excitement for the members of each house and it is very positive to see students applying themselves with commitment to earning house points!

At the beginning of each year, the students in each house vote for a male and female Sports Captain for each year group. In addition, each form will vote for a Form Representative, whose main role is to attend student council meetings across the school year.

Working with the Year 11 Captains, the Sports Captains help to organise and manage the teams in each sports competition.

The form representatives sit on the school council and play a key role in representing the student voice in moving the school forward with an emphasis on learning. They then report back to their form on discussions and decisions reached by the school council.

Each form is led by a member of staff in the role of Form Tutor. The Tutor is the person each student has the closest contact with each day consisting of 25 minutes of form time. The tutor will form a close relationship with each student in the form and deal with any daily issues as they arise.

Each form consists of a mixture of students from each house, therefore the Head of House staff are the first point of call for matters regarding the House system.

Byland Crest


Named after Byland Abbey
(Founded in 1177 under Cistercian rule)


Mowbray Crest


Named after the de Mowbray family
(Roger de Mowbray, also the founder of Byland Abbey)


Feversham Crest


Named after Lord Feversham
(Charles William Slingsby Duncombe, 3rd Earl of Feversham


Rievaulx Crest


Named after Rievaulx Abbey
(Founded in 1132 by twelve monks from Clairvaux Abbey)


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