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Multi-cultural link

Ryedale link with Bradford Girls’ Grammar School

Please view the video below detailing the collaborative work between Ryedale School students and Bradford Girls’ Grammar school students. Over the course of the year, Bradford Girls’ School visited Ryedale School to produce art work based both on similarities and differences. Our most recent visit to Bradford Girls’ Grammar School had students working in groups to produce drama pieces about diversity and equality; these visits are part of the ongoing partnership between the two schools with even more students from Ryedale School taking part this year.

Cantarla perform as part of One World Week

This year’s International Shared Meal, held in celebration of One World Week, took place on Saturday 29th October at Acomb Parish Church Hall. The evening was run by The York Racial Equality Network; a voluntary organisation and registered charity

Shared meal

One of YREN’s main roles is to promote and encourage community cohesion and engagement:

  • so there is a common vision and a sense of belonging for all;
  • where the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and positively valued;
  • in order that those from different backgrounds have similar life opportunities;
  • to develop strong and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds and circumstances in the workplace, in schools and in neighbourhoods.

Our school choir were delighted to play a part in the evening where so many different cultures and backgrounds were celebrated. Thank you to everyone who sang or supported the event and to Mr Moxon for organising and conducting the school choir.


Ryedale School partnership with Bradford Forster Academy

This year members of the Year 7 student council have been working closely with the Junior Leadership team at Bradford Forster Academy. Both sets of students have learnt about leadership skills and have worked hard on creating the foundations of a strong working partnership.

Student council members have thoroughly enjoyed their initial links and are looking forward to building on the partnership by widening student participation across both schools.

Since January a group of Year 7 English students have been in collaboration with Dixons Academy, a high performing multicultural school in Bradford.

The aims of the collaboration are:

  • To develop and deepen young people’s knowledge and understanding of identity/identities, diversity, equality and diversity.
  • To develop skills of enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and communication to develop trust, empathy, awareness and respect.
  • To provide opportunities for young people to meet, build new relationships, work together and contribute to the wider community.

Before meeting for the first time each student was paired with a pupil from Dixons. Their first task was to write a short letter to their partner about their background, school, family and interests. After receiving each other’s letters students met at the Nell Bank Centre in Ilkley. This gave students the opportunity to work together over the course of the day on various outdoor activities. It was a fantastic day where students were able to gain increased respect for others, build self-confidence and develop key social skills.

Our second meeting was a trip to the Dixons Academy. Students worked collaboratively in groups creating storyboards for short plays and then performing them to the rest of the group. Dixons Academy Staff and pupils made our students feel very welcome and a great day was had by all.

For the final meeting we hosted Dixons Acacdemy students here at Ryedale.

The task for the day was an art and design challenge. Based on their original storyboards students had to create masks and props for their plays which were to be performed at the end of the day. Students were also lent a helping hand from our Year 10 art students.

This has been a fantastic opportunity which has enabled our students to become more aware of the richness of cultural diversity and we’re delighted to report future collaborative work is already being planned.

Pupils from Dixons Academy Braford visit Ryedale School

Pupils from Dixons Academy Braford visit Ryedale School

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