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English Overview

Kirstie Round Head of English

Kirstie Round
Head of English

Head of Department

Please email Kirstie Round if you need to make an enquiry about English.

Curriculum Time

In Year 7 students receive seven one hour lessons of English per fortnight, and in Years 8 and 9 they have six. In Years 10 and 11 students receive eight one hour lessons over the fortnight; these lesson cover English Language and English Literature.


In Years 7-11 students are set two English homeworks per week; each homework should take around thirty minutes for Year 7-9 and around forty minutes for Years 10 and 11. Homework is an integral part of the English curriculum and provides students with the opportunity to consolidate their learning and develop their skills and understanding.

Class Groupings

Students are set in ability groups for English in all years. All ability groups follow a similar curriculum though the pace of learning and the depth of analysis required may vary across the range of ability groups.

GCSE Syllabuses

Currently for English Language sets one and two follow AQA English Language GCSE (4705) and sets 3 and 4 follow AQA English Language iGCSE (8705). All students follow AQA English Literature (9715).

Due to national changes to English GCSEs, from September 2015 students will follow AQA English Language (8700) and AQA English Literature (8702).

Rooming and Resources

We have five specialist English rooms some with interactive whiteboards. There are laptops available for use in lessons and we are well equipped with a range of different texts representing many different types and genres of literature.

Departmental Ethos

We aim for all students to develop a love of reading and the understanding that books are for everyone. We aim to support and to inspire each student so that they have the ability to communicate fluently and accurately in writing and in speech.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We offer a range extra-curricular opportunities including book groups, theatre visits, writing workshops, opportunities to see visiting authors and entering speaking and writing competitions.

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