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Please email Donna Wallis if you need to make an enquiry about careers.

Donna Wallis - Head of Careers, SMSC, PD & Citizenship Co-ordinator

Donna Wallis
Head of Careers, SMSC, PD & Citizenship Co-ordinator

Providing clear careers guidance must always:

  • Balance ambition with realism
  • Offer sensible choices to students who don’t have a specific pathway in mind
  • Support the choices of students who do have a pathway they wish to pursue, whilst making them aware of other options
  • Inspire and motivate students to work hard in school, laying the foundations to realise their future plans

Ways in which Ryedale School will support the above aims:

  • Through delivery of a planned series of Personal Development sessions, beginning in Year 8, through to Year 11, delivered by form tutors
  • By ensuring that all staff are actively involved in providing careers guidance and support
  • With close collaboration from NYBEP
  • Providing clear options choices guidance to Year 9 students, and opportunities to talk to employers in a variety of sectors, through NYBEP organised events such as ‘Opportunity Knocks’
  • Planning and delivering a coherent work experience programme in Year 10, again with support from NYBEP, led by our work-experience coordinator
  • Supporting students through the post-16 options process. This will particularly target support for disadvantaged pupils, to ensure that their aspirations are high and they receive the necessary help to achieve their aims
  • Involve parents in the process through information and careers evenings
  • Use ex-pupils, staff, parents and the local community to inspire and raise the aspirations of all pupils

In Year 8 Personal Development sessions:

  • Introduce students to the possible post-16 and post-18 pathways
  • Explain clearly how each pathways is different
  • Make students aware of what is involved in achieving success in each pathway.

In Year 9 Personal Development sessions:

  • Discuss how options choices fit with the different pathways introduced to students in Year 8
  • Encourage students to think about the pathway(s) that interest them, and to find out how they might achieve their goals
  • Help those who are not sure what pathway(s) they might pursue and present a range of options to them

In Year 10 Personal Development sessions:

  • Introduce work experience, the process and what is involved
  • Provide students with a framework and time to plan and prepare for their work experience
  • Ensure that what they seek to achieve through work experience supports them in their preferred post-16 choices

In Year 11 Personal Development sessions:

  • Support students through the process of post-16 applications and make them aware of the possible options available to them.
  • This will include further information about the local 6th form providers, exploring the range of options from A-levels, through vocational courses and apprenticeships/employment, completing the application form process, using the National Careers Service, preparing for interview, completing Progress Files to support this

Below are a series of links to useful websites and resources. We will add new resources as they become available:

National Careers Service

This is a great website with lots of resources, and free advice service. To access it, you need to create a free account using your school email address. For more information about how to make best use of its services, watch the YouTube video below:

Within the website they have a dedicated 13-16 page too.


Uni’s Not For Me

Which? University Guide

National Apprenticeship Service

Work experience 2017 is the week beginning 26th June.

Below are some links to support your work experience application process:

Please note that this year’s log-in and password is different, and can be found on the top of your Work Experience instructions sheet.

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