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PE Assessment Policy

The skills and knowledge grids form the basis of the assessment across the two departments. The skills referred to in the girds are taught in lessons and are assessed in every lesson. Verbal assessment is an integral part of lessons and forms part of the high quality feedback in which the pupils receive.

Specific vocab is used when pupils are assessing skills as it helps them identify what they need to improve and progress. The vocab used is sometimes, usually and always.

E.g Serving in tennis

3 – I attempt to serve
4/5- I sometimes serve accurately
6 – I usually serve accurately
7 – I always serve accurately
8/9 – I serve with precision and control every time I serve

After each unit of work pupils are asked to think about their performance using the above vocab to identify what grade they are in each activity. Pupils are continually asked to self-assess. Due to the nature of the subject, peer assessment is used throughout out lessons, assessment criteria is given verbally to the pupils (the key teaching points of a specific skill) and pupils are asked to look at each other’s performance and identify what needs to be improved.

The girls have a formal assessment which is done in their PE progress booklets which involves them reading the skills and knowledge grids for each activity and highlighting which skills and knowledge fits their performance the best. They then write down their grade and identify a target which they need to improve for next year. This is generally ensuring a specific skill is consistently performed better than in the previous year.

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