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PE Expectations

Start of the lesson

1. Register must be taken

Excused pupils must produce a written note from their parents, excused pupils must write their name in the excused book which is located in the changing rooms. All excused pupils must complete a non-participant assessment sheet located in the red draws in the changing rooms or excused pupils may help officiate the game.

2. All earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets must be removed
3. All hair must be tied up
4. Any pupils with asthma must be reminded to take inhalers out
5. Trainers must be tied tightly with a bow on the front
6. If your last to leave the PE block ensure you close the outside door so that it is locked
7. Changing rooms and store doors must be also be locked.


1. Nominate pupils individually to get appropriate equipment out
2. At the end of the lesson ensure you supervise the store cupboard outside or inside, ensure all equipment is put away correctly and neatly and door is locked.

Kit Policy


Any pupils forgetting kit must ask politely at the start of the lesson to borrow some kit, they then must record their name in the kit book located in the changing rooms. If pupils forget their kit 3 times in a half term they will receive a detention.

Boys kit – Indoor kit (White Tshirt, white socks, white shorts), Outdoor kit (Blue top, blue socks, navy shorts) Trainers and boots
Girls kit – White Tshirt, long and short white socks, navy skort, trainers and boots

PE hoodies are worn for outdoor lessons.

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