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Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir amaze everyone at Ryedale again!

Thank you so much to the amazing Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir, and to Ryedale students, parents and staff! We had another incredible day with the choir and managed to raise them £3161, which is a terrific effort. The generosity of everyone, whether it is contributing through non-uniform day, buying crafts or making a donation, is much appreciated by the choir, and they love coming to our school. They are also extremely complementary about the students’ singing too, and they know that our students will get stuck into the workshops. See the photo gallery below, and a YouTube video of their 2015 stick dance.

The choir’s continued energy and exuberance is still as spell-binding as ever. They are in the fifth week of twelve in England, repeating what they do at Ryedale every school day, busking every Saturday, and then often travelling to a new host area on Sunday. It is easy to forget this when you are tied up in the excitement of their day.

It is also easy to forget why they are here. We see the children in the choir as talented performers, but they are in many ways like our young people, keen and enthusiastic and with hope for a bright future. Our efforts on their behalf help them and their friends receive a free education, and when you think that only 1 in 6 secondary-aged children get a chance to go to school, it is no wonder they are so happy.

Thank you to everyone for their generosity and to all the host families for all the hard work that you have put in too. The choir had a great time staying with you. Let’s hope the remainder of their tour is successful, and that they raise more funds for their schools.

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