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LGBT History Month 2016

From 22nd-29th February, Ryedale School are marking LGBT history month.

What is LGBT History Month?

  • LGBT History Month aims to draw attention to both the past and the present state of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights, as well as the impact LGBT people have had throughout history.
  • This month aims to raise awareness of LGBT issues and also create a more open and accepting environment.
  • LGBT History Month was first organised in 2005 by Schools OUT (a group promoting equality for LGBT people in education) to celebrate the repeal of a government act known as Section 28.

[slideshare id=58189155&doc=lgbt-for-website-160212113738]

The Student Council have organised a range of activities and events that will happen across the school to mark this event.

– Poster competitions

Each form is producing a poster to celebrate this important month. Mr Gentry will be judging.

– Form time presentations

Student Council reps will be presenting to their peers about the importance of marking this event, the importance of diversity, about our values and about the important role that the LGBT community has played in British and world history.

– Rainbow day

On 29th February, all students and staff are invited to accessorize their school uniform with rainbow colours.

– Debate Club

We will focus on LGBT issues in our school and the wider community

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