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Ryedale at Wimbledon

On Monday 8th July, we took 20 Year 8 and 9’s down to Wimbledon for the day. We had one of the best days in the tournament so far with some fantastic matches. The Williams sisters, Djokovic, Gauff, Goffin, Vedasco were amongst some of the big names we were lucky enough to see.

Ryedale at Wimbledon

The Year 8 girls had a great time; here are some of their words about the day…

After a long journey, we arrived at Wimbledon and were very excited to watch some fantastic tennis. We started on Henman hill with Kentish Strawberries and cream. We proceeded to the first match on court 3 where we spectated our first ever match at Wimbledon! As the athletes warmed up people chose their champion. As the day went on, we saw many impressive matches between our favourite players.

Ryedale at Wimbledon

The Year 9’s would like to add…

The most tense match we saw was between underdog Cori Gauff and Simona Halep, as we saw many impressive shots between both players – in awe of the fact that Coco was only a year older than us and had so much talent.

Even though some games were on court 3, the standard of tennis was extremely advanced and created a lot of inspiration on many of us. Being closer to the game play really made the experience most surreal, making the experience hard to forget.

Watching Wimbledon really inspired us and exceeded many expectations, the whole day was a huge experience which we are all grateful for!
Wimbledon was a great experience and we have all learned loads of new tricks and techniques to apply to our own tennis play.

Ryedale at Wimbledon

It was great to see how much the students enjoyed watching the tennis. I know they were all inspired to practice the skills as soon as we were back on the courts at Ryedale. The students were all a pleasure to take and were a credit to Ryedale.

Miss Middleton

Ryedale at Wimbledon


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