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Recycling crisp packets

From December to January, Ryedale School held a house competition to collect as many crisp packets as possible with the intention of sending these to a volunteer group who would then turn the packets into bivi bags and survival blankets for the homeless and vulnerable.

While the competition was ongoing, Ms Wright (Geography Teacher at Ryedale School), had the opportunity to organise an event in her hometown of Middlesbrough, with the individual named Pen, who had actually invented the crisp packet bivi sack. Pen ran a workshop teaching a group of volunteers how to create these blankets and bivi bags. The crisp packets collected at Ryedale School were turned into two survival blankets and a bivi bag, with plenty of packets left over for the future. The workshop runs monthly and since Ryedale School collected over 1600 crisp packets, it will take some time to use them all up! Thank you very much indeed to all students and staff who donated.

The BBC have published this story over the weekend. It is about where our crisp packets went after the collection earlier this year!

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