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Year 9 Netball Champions of the Partnership Tournament

The Year 9 Partnership Tournament was held on Wednesday 1st March at Eskdale school, Whitby.

Despite the horrible weather, we played and won all five games, entering double figures in every score, leaving us to be unbeatable.

Year 9 netball partnership winners photo

Our main and hardest competitors were Malton who played well, however the good defence from Molly Saggers (WD/GD), Molly Chapman (GD/WD) and overall team work ensured we came out with a win of 16-5. Caedmon (Whitby) also made us work hard for a win leading the score to be 13-6.

The game against Lady Lumelys gave us a result of 15-2 seeing excellent play throughout the team and super centre court play from Tahlia Higgs (C) with backup from Leah Nichols (WA).

Then came the time to play our B team; no one likes to play their own school at a tournament, however this gave us a final score of 10-0.

However, our biggest and proudest win of the day led us to the score 32-0! There was exceptional shooting from myself (GS) and Liv Darrell (GA), while the rest of the team contributed fantastically bringing the ball down the court, including top defending by Georgia Morgan (GK) and high quality attacking from Hannah Ellam (WA), Liv Clough (C) and Liv Darrell (GA).

A big well done to Ryedale B team for proving excellence of great netball, winning two out of five games helping them finish 4th overall in the competition.

Written by Evie Chapman (Captain)

Netball Y9 winners


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