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Year 7 win their first Netball Partnership Tournament

The Netball Tournament was a great success for Ryedale A and B teams. We kept up our reputation for winning these year 7 netball tournaments and were very pleased with the outcome.

Year 7 Netball A Team

First, we played Malton B. We know Malton mainly as our rivals especially in sports but we beat the B team 12-0. This gave us confidence and went on to the next game. This game was against Eskdale. They were very good but we conceded no goals and once again beat them. The score was 8-0 when the final whistle blew. After that we played one of our main rivals – Malton A team. This team was the only one to gain some goals from us. Although it was difficult, we won 5-2 and kept up our legacy. After that we played another rival; Lady Lumley’s and beat them. Ryedale B were very close to scoring many points however the A team beat the B team at a score of 4-0.

Year 7 Netball A & B Teams

In the end, the results were Eskdale 6th, Malton B 5th, Ryedale B 4th, Lady Lumley’s 3rd Malton A 2nd and Ryedale A 1st. All the teams played exceptionally but Ryedale were on the podium in the end. This was a great experience and we all enjoyed playing for fun.

Niamh Saxby (A team captain)

It was a great start for our Year 7’s. I am very pleased with all of the players for putting on an excellent performance.

Miss Middleton


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