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Year 7 Hockey Partnership Winners and Runners Up

On Tuesday the 14th of March 2017, Ryedale took the A, B and C team to a hockey partnership tournament at Lady Lumley’s School. Malton and Whitby also came to the tournament.

Ryedale A team won 4 games and only lost one. They scored 14 goals whilst only letting 1 in. These were scored by Evie Copley, Caitlyn Large, Autumn Head and Issy Nicholls. Evie Copley scored 8 goals, Caitlyn Large scored 4 goals, Autumn Head scored 2 goals and Issy Nicholls scored 1 goal.

Year 7 A team

Over on the B team they won 3 games, had 1 draw and 1 loss. They scored 12 goals whilst only letting 5 in. On the C team they drew 2 matches and lost the other 3.

So overall the A team won the tournament, the B team came 2nd and the C team came 6th.

A, B and C team Hockey

Written by Caitlyn Large (Captain of A team)


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