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Year 7 Ghostly Experiences!

To celebrate Halloween, Year 7s participated in two spooky events to mark the day: taking inspiration from the ghost walks in York we have designed our own ghost walk around the grounds of Ryedale School. Year 11 drama students make very convincing ghosts and Year 7 students are wiling participants on the walk.

A terrifying time was had by all!

Mrs Plowright

Year 7 Ghost Walk

Two terrified Year 7s!

Christopher Moxon (Year 7) writes about the lunch time talk given by Alice Bannister from Nunnington Hall:

October 31st

If you have read the date above you will probably have realised I am writing this on the most haunted night of the year: Halloween. A lady kindly visited the school at lunchtime last week to tell students about some ghostly inhabitants at Nunnington Hall. I was one of the students to attend the talk. She works as a tour guide there so she knew a great deal about the history of the house.

She told us that one of the scariest things about the house is that people can often hear chuckling or whispering and sometimes talking. I shuddered in the thought of people speaking when they weren’t even living. It is said that a couple were driving their car near the house and they swerved round a man narrowly avoiding him, but then drove straight ahead into another man. They hurried out the car to see if he was alright and there was not a body in sight.

The talk was very interesting and it was followed by a few questions. The day continued to be very ghostly because after school there was a ghost walk which scared us even more.

Lucie Mackintosh (Year 7) writes about the Ghost Walk:

On Thursday 23rd October Year 7 students of Ryedale school gathered to go on a Ghost Walk! The first ghost they met was of the former librarian who told them the story of how she came to haunt the school. Another ghost told of how he was a once chef in a five star restaurant in Helmsley but when the restaurant closed down he was forced to find another job. He spent many weeks wandering around Helmsley until he heard of a job as a chef in Kirkbymoorside. He set out on a winter night to walk to this potential new employment.  It was a freezing night, and when passing through the fields on which Ryedale School would later be built, he perished from cold and hunger. There were six ghosts to meet in all, but the students felt that that the ghost of the chef in the food technology room was the scariest! This was an event the students really enjoyed though it was a little too scary for some!


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