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Year 11 hockey team are Scarbrough & Ryedale District Knock out champions

Ryedale started the cup final with a strong beginning winning every ball they faced. The first goal was scored after 7 minutes by Ceri Stone dribbling the ball down the pitch and getting her shot off once she was faced with the goal. Ryedale never put their heads down and were all working together as a team and soon came another goal in the tenth minute by Grace Walker dribbling the ball down the pitch and scoring to make Ryedale go 2-0 up in the cup final. Lady Lumley’s didn’t put their heads down and started to increase the pressure by coming towards every player with the ball and trying to put a tackle in however Ryedale out played Lady Lumleys. Then came some fantastic play, Lauren Walker hit the ball down to Annabelle Ennis who dribbled the ball in the left hand corner and crossed the ball into Ceri Stone who scored again.

Year 11  hockey team are Scarbrough & Ryedale District Knock out champions

The fourth goal came from a side line ball which Kyra Whitehead took and hit into space and Rebecca Silk came and met the ball who then dribbled and passed to Chloe Bell who then passed to Grace Walker and shot and another goal was scored and made the game 4-0. Ryedale were wanting this game so they upped their game so much that another goal was scored in the fifteenth minute with Leigh-Ann Beckett taking an hit out which went to Lucie Nichols who dribbled the ball to Mollie Dawson who crossed the ball into Grace Walker who shot first time with lots of power and scored.

Half time was coming up and Ryedale never stopped they were still first to every ball and the sixth goal soon came along in the eighteenth minute when Chole Bell won the ball and dribbled the Ceri Stone who then had a shot and scored. The half time whistle blew and the score was 6-0 to Ryedale. Ryedale had worked strong together in the first half and helped each other out when they needed it. The second half begun and lady Lumley’s came out stronger than the first time but still couldn’t get a shot off with the excellent defending from Ryedale.

Each team failed to score in the second half but they both put up a good fight and the game ended up being 6-0 to Ryedale who won the cup final and became cup champions.

Katie Walker – Captain

It was a great win for the year 11 hockey team. I was immensely proud of them for finishing their hockey careers at Ryedale on such a high – Jenny Green


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