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Year 10 rugby success

Ryedale entered the tournament with high hopes to win it. Our first opponent was St Augustine’s, who from previous encounters were a good team. We started off slowly (probably because everyone was still asleep) but found some shape and rhythm to the play and began to count up the tries. Scores from James Farrow and George Leeming sealed the deal for us.

Year 10 Rugby Team

Year 10 Rugby Team

We then headed to the pitch to play Filey, a team we weren’t sure about but knew it would be a challenge. The match turned out to be a pretty easy game with players Dan Mountain and Jake Chase really showing potential in their tackling and their positioning when we didn’t have the ball. The conversions were struggling to go over due to the strong wind and bumpy ground but Toby Higgs eventually found his stride and there was no problem!

Lunch occurred for the players to regain some energy to come out and play Scarborough College. Early tries lifted the team’s momentum and breezed over Scarborough with some good passing out from the backs releasing James Farrow to score and some good strength from George Leeming to create the chances.

Our next game was Lady Lumley’s, in our opinion the hardest opponent in the tournament! We started off strong from some quick movement and pace from James Farrow (who scored 2). This was helped by some great rucking by the forwards. A try from Lady Lumley’s towards the end left Ryedale behind and so we needed to step up our game. That is exactly what we did and from the breakdown a great pass from Toby Higgs to Daniel Mountain who ran passed 4 or 5 people to score the winning try lifted the spirits completely! A great team effort in the end.

Having the greatest confidence coming into the last game against Scalby we still needed to keep our heads down and concentrate! The game was almost over from the beginning from some great individual plays from Ben Teasdale and Huw Davies to put the points on the board. Some mix and matching in the positions from Mr Marwood, led us to believe the game was over and it was to be honest. The champions of the Tournament, no trophy in the end but was a overall great team performance and everyone playing their part!

Report by Tobias Higgs

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