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Unit 1 Performing Music

You need to understand the following instructions to do well in this Unit:

  • 6 minutes must be recorded in one take, on CD. You can perform more than one piece, but they must be done in one go. You are permitted a small gap between pieces as if you were in a concert, but no longer.
  • The performance must be recorded after the 1st March in the year of examination, but in time to reach EDEXCEL by 15th May.
  • It must be a public recital.
  • Photocopies of your music must be submitted for the performance.
  • Appropriate improvisation is allowed as part of the performance.
  • You must perform pieces in their full form – you can’t make cuts, and must use the full accompaniment.
  • You can use a backing track if appropriate (rock musicians).
  • If your performance is less that six minutes, you get 0 (zero) marks.

How the performance is assessed:

  • Difficulty Level – Grade 6 is Standard, Grade 7 is More Difficult Grade 8 is Higher.
  • Each piece you play is marked out of 48, but then using difficult level information is then out of 60.
  • If you play more than one piece, the mark scheme is applied across the entire performance, and not piece-by-piece with an average taken.
  • Technique (16)
  • Technical control (accuracy) and expressive control (fluency) (16)
  • Expressive control, style and content (16)

A few bits of advice:

  • Involve your instrumental teacher at every stage of your performance. Do not select pieces that you have not studied with them.
  • Solo performance is a lot easier to prepare and organise than ensemble, particularly if you are playing ‘traditional’ instruments or singing.
  • You should perform a piece from the difficulty level booklet.

We will have one formal performance opportunity during the year, in front of an audience, and possibly one or two other opportunities in ‘classtime’ to have another attempt if necessary.



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