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PSHE Overview- Year 7

Throughout year 7, all students will engage in a valuable and informative PSHE programme during form time sessions with their tutors. The programme will cover the following topics and issues;


Topic Outline Detail covered
Settling into Ryedale School How can I settle into secondary school?
Relationship and sex education (RSE)- Facts How does the body change with puberty?
Relationship and sex education (RSE)- Feelings How do feelings change with puberty?
Alcohol, smoking and drugs What are the risks?
Emotional wellbeing What am I good at?

How can I be assertive?

How can I be resilient?

Personal Health/Healthy lifestyles What routines could I adopt?

What is a balanced diet?

What is my personal health profile?

Risk and safety/Bullying How can I manage risky situations?

How can I practice refusal skills?

How can I tackle bullying?

Identity and Values Who am I?

Who do I aspire to be?

Communities and Diversity Who is in our communities?

How do I feel about difference?

Planning for the future How do I work best with others?

How can I improve communication skills?

What do I want and how do I get it?

How do I plan for my future?

Personal finance, money and consumerism How do I save?

How do I budget?

In addition, a range of PSHE workshops are delivered throughout the academic year to compliment the issues covered within the tutor time programme.

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