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Plastic-Free Ryedale

Plastic-Free Ryedale is a brand new group based at Ryedale School; its purpose is to try to reduce our ecological footprint. As members we meet every Monday lunchtime to discuss how we can become a plastic free school.

So far at Ryedale School, all plastic water bottles in the canteen have been removed. These have been replaced with two water dispensers. However, we want to achieve even more!

We have presented an assembly to Year 7 and 8 students to raise awareness of our goals and to encourage them to help us achieve them. We also showed them how they can reduce their own personal single use plastic use.

Plastic Free Ryedale

Plastic Free Ryedale

Our goals include trying to remove all unnecessary plastic such as polystyrene trays in the classrooms, as well as the canteen. We have also written a letter to our school equipment provider. The letter included ways they could change the way they deal with plastic and suggestions on how to reduce the amount they send us. Plastic-Free Ryedale is also teaming up with two schools in Bradford. They also have plastic-free groups and we are aiming to help support each other and share ideas on how to reduce our plastic consumption within our three schools. Hopefully we can work towards a greener future and lead by example to inspire other schools to make changes.

Written by Tilly Thompson and Daena Vaughan

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