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Officially jungle explorers!

What a fantastic experience. We all managed to put up our own hammocks, in the jungle, in the dark! A few did have to be redone the next day and only one of us who shall remain nameless fell out that night. The whole experience certainly helped to build team spirit!

Borneo Jungle

Our first project was collecting seeds from the jungle then using machetes to clear the forest floor, hindered by the leeches, they were very friendly!

For the second project we travelled in the boat (always with a welcome breeze) to an Eco-shelter, there we were digging holes and planting trees in a grand temperature of 38 degrees! The area had been devastated by the planting of Palm oil trees but the work we’ve done planting new trees will in a few years time provide the natural habitat for the local wildlife again!

Finally we finished the evening off with a river cruise to view the local wildlife, photos to follow!

We are now out of the jungle – phew!

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