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News from the English Department

A couple of updates letting you know what’s going on with the busy English department:

Georgia Morgan from Ryedale School

On November 9th 2016, Year 9 and 11 students from Ryedale School travelled to the Grand Opera House in York to see the hit-musical ‘Blood Brothers‘. The play was both humorous, moving and captivated its audience. It was an eye-opener to another world and time and made us thankful for what our lives have to offer us today. One Year 9 student said it was extremely funny while another said she would love to go to see it again. Overall it was a lovely, funny, moving day out. Thank you to the staff for taking us.

Georgia Morgan
Year 9

Poet Ian McMillan and cartoonist Tony Husband at Ryedale School

Poet Ian McMillan and cartoonist Tony Husband at Ryedale School

The Mysterious Rocking Dog of Ryedale

On the 7th of October at Ryedale School; something was different.
In the morning, an unusual car pulled up outside of school.
In form time, there was a notice telling all Year 10s to go to the drama studio at 1:25.
In lessons one and two, we could not concentrate because of the flash of paparazzi cameras coming from the drama studio.
In the canteen at lunch, one of the tables was set with a table cloth and special glasses – everyone who goes to Ryedale School knows this only occurs when someone important visits the school.
Later at lunch the Year 10s could not help but wonder why all the English teachers were crowding round this table, acting in a not too dissimilar fashion to teenage girls over 1Direction.
All morning Year 10 minds were itching with curiosity. Who was it who had come to our school? Why had they come? And perhaps the most burning question of all, who was it getting a table cloth in the canteen?
After the agonising wait 1:25pm finally came and Year 10 stood outside the drama studio, trying to catch a glimpse of this mysterious person.
“Now Year 10,” said Mrs Plowright, “we are very lucky today to have with us at school the poet Ian McMillan and cartoonist Tony Husband! How exciting is that?”
There was a collective feeling of disappointment in reply to this. A poet and cartoonist! How boring! How tedious! The double science lessons we were all missing started to sound quite appealing.
So slowly we filtered into the studio, then slowly we all sat down and slowly we all sighed as we prepared ourselves for an afternoon of staring into nothing whilst listening to two blokes drone on about words and pens.
Then in they came.
Year 10 are quite the tough crowd, and are known to respond unsympathetically to well-meaning teachers who attempt to crack a joke. And yet… we laughed and we laughed! For an hour we were laughing non-stop as Ian McMillan wrote poems about rocking horses that looked like dogs, infants who couldn’t go to the toilet and asked “who lived in those cages above the door?” (air ventilation)! All this accompanied by the wonderful cartoons throughout from Tony Husband. Suddenly Science didn’t seem quite so attractive.
As the afternoon ended, with tears in their eyes, the English teachers waved goodbye to Ian McMillan and Tony Husband and Year 10 left with a new lesson in life…
Not all poets are boring and Ian McMillan and Tony Husband exceeded all of our expectations!

Megan Degazon
Year 10

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