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Mums v daughters netball and the winners were ….

After a week of excitement and curiosity, Wednesday 4th March finally arrived. The end of school bell rang and we all sprinted to the PE block to prepare for our mystery match. We were straight out onto the courts to have a 20 minute training session before our opposition arrived. Panting and puffing, we all gathered round looking in all directions to see the team arrive. After a brief team talk from the captain, Ruth Aber, we could hear the team making their way to the courts. They had finally arrived. Our jaws dropped as all of our mums ran round onto the courts in green skirts, luminous coloured tops and their hair in pigtails.

mums v daughters netball at Ryedale School

Mums v daughters netball at Ryedale School

The game had began. The mums had the first centre, however after ten seconds of game play the ball was now in possession of the Ryedale team and the ball had been shot by Ellie Crowther. After an exciting first half the girls were winning 20-2, so they decided to mix around the team. The second half was quite disorientated and the girls missed a few chances. However they managed to bring it back and stormed ahead with a final score of 38-4.

Well done to everyone who played. What a brilliant end to an exciting season.

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