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Mr Butterworth does his bit!

Mr Butterworth from our maths department had his infamous ponytail ceremoniously cut off and his head shaved in our final assembly on Friday 22nd December 2017.


Last year I turned 40, which was a sobering thought, and I always had in the back of my mind that at some point I would need to embrace being old and have a hair cut. This got me thinking that it could be an opportunity to raise some funds for the school in the same way some staff are raising funds with an ultra-marathon.

Having been at Ryedale about 15 years I am sure the one thing that current students and past students (and perhaps staff) recall about me is my hair. My hair has been long for the last 2 decades. Why has it been long? Perhaps at one stage it was ‘cool’, maybe to pay hommage to some gods of rock or perhaps, more likely, to keep my wife happy.

Well I’m delighted I went through with it!”


I’m sure you will all agree that this was very brave! Chris raised a fantastic £660.00 to fund items in the new build at Ryedale School, over and above his original target of £499.00. Very well done and thank you to all who sponsored him!

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