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Mantinani Island – Borneo

Mantinani Island – Borneo

Mantinani Island

We arrived safely on to Mantinani Island yesterday where the white beaches and clear sea certainly left us all speechless!

The team set straight to work with an orientation trip around the villages. This allowed us the opportunity to see projects that have previously been completed as well as find out more about the future projects that are planned.

Today, the team are well into continuing building the community toilets and various different components of the project. Having worked hard for the last two days, there are now walls and even a roof!

Tomorrow our students will actually be teaching in the local school and are spending the evening lesson planning!

Camp Mantanani

Camp Mantanani is located on the stunningly beautiful island of the same name just off the coast of Borneo. Surrounded by turquoise waters and stunning coral reef it’s a tropical island paradise! Juvenile turtles, rays and a multitude of glittering, colourful reef fish frequent these waters and even rare sightings of dolphins make Mantanani an ideal location for our marine conservation projects.

Mantinani Camp

The camp itself is set right on the beach a little way from the main village on the island where many of our community projects are based, allowing you to become part of this charming island community for the time that you are here. Accommodation consists of beautifully organic-style sleeping blocks built from large driftwood beams creating a series of bunk beds with additional storage space for your belongings. The camp sleeps a maximum of 60 people. A covered communal area provides a place to hang out and socialise. There is also a small shaded area of hammocks for that short siesta and, of course an entire beach to relax on including an area set aside for campfires.


25km off the western coast of Sabah. It generally takes an hour to reach by boat depending on weather conditions.

Camp Mantanani Video

Mantanani Camp from Camps International on Vimeo.

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