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The Key to Success at Ryedale

Advice to Students

Remember that your life at Ryedale is to prepare you for life beyond Ryedale!

Be organised:

  • Pack your bags each night
  • Have a routine for checking you have the correct equipment for each lesson
  • Use your planner to record your homework carefully

Good behaviour and good behaviour for learning:

  • Have a positive approach to school
  • Be engaged in all lessons; hands up!
  • Work well on your own, work well in groups
  • Answer if you know, ask if you don’t
  • Respond to feedback from your teachers
  • Make every lesson count; be an active learner

Get involved in school life; play sport, play music, dance, sing, act and join clubs.

Our happiest students are often our busiest and most successful!

Advice to Parents

  • Encourage punctuality and full attendance
  • Are they getting enough sleep and having breakfast?
  • Help them organise their equipment for the school day
  • Encourage them to take a full part in school life
  • Talk to them about their learning
  • Look at their planners regularly to see what homework they have
  • Look at their work in their exercise books and get them to explain it
  • Help them to regularly revisit their learning
  • Have they got a calm, quiet environment in which to work and learn?
  • Is their phone, X-box or the TV a barrier to learning?
  • Tell us early if there is a problem

Mr Gentry / Miss Hunter, September 2014

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