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Geography overview

Mr Christopher Rodd<br>Head of Geography & Progress Leader for Yrs 7 - 10<br><a href="">email</a>

Mr Christopher Rodd
Head of Geography & Progress Leader for Yrs 7 – 10

Head of Department

Please email Christopher Rodd if you need to make an enquiry about geography.

Curriculum Time

In Year 7 and 8 all students receive three hours each fortnight of geography. During this time students develop the skills necessary to reach their potential should they choose geography as a GCSE option at the end of Year 8. Currently there are more than 130 GCSE geographers at Ryedale School, receiving five hours of class time per fortnight.


At Key Stage 3 students receive one homework each fortnight. At Key Stage 4 students receive three pieces of homework each fortnight. Homework is an integral part of the geography curriculum and provides student with the opportunity to consolidate their learning, develop their skills and understanding and to investigate areas of personal interest. This is all set in accordance with the homework timetable and is recorded in the students’ planners.

Class Groupings

In Years 7 and 8, students are grouped according to their English sets. GCSE geography groups are mixed ability.

GCSE Syllabus

All GCSE students follow the ‘AQA geography specification (8035)’. There is a detailed overview of this specification in the GCSE section of the geography section of the website.

Rooming and Resources

Lessons are taught in specialised rooms, which are next to each other in the new build of the school. Each room is well-resourced and includes a whiteboard and computer linked to the school network. We also have access to computer suites and a set of laptops and iPads.

Departmental Ethos

In geography we aim to stimulate an interest in, and develop a sense of wonder about spaces, places and geographical processes. We help students to make sense of the world around them as it continually changes over time.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We offer a range of clubs aiming to support the learning of students. We also provide field trip opportunities, for all students in Year 8 and for those who complete GCSE geography. We are aiming to further develop field trip opportunities at KS3.

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