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Flying visit from the RAF

On the 19th March Year 9 students attended the ‘Fun with Flight’ presentation by the Royal Air Force. During this presentation students learnt about the vast range of careers within the RAF. Students were amazed to find out that there are 33,000 different job roles in the RAF but only 2000 of these actually involve flying an aircraft!

RAF careers talk at Ryedale School

Students discovered how physics is an integral part of the work which engineers undertake in the RAF and other engineering organisations.

They looked at all of the forces involved in flight and saw how weight, drag and thrust and up-thrust worked. The demonstrations included a beach ball and a giant ‘hairdryer’, a drone and a real jet engine (which was very loud indeed!).

Finally, they had the opportunity to try out virtual reality on a roller coaster, learning how speed was important and how virtual reality is a key part in the RAF’s day-to-day flight simulation training.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for all involved and clearly demonstrated the vast range of careers available with the Royal Air Force.

A big thank you to the RAF for their excellent presentation.

Learn more about RAF Careers.


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