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Feedback on Feedback!

Feedback WordleWe have all been learning this week at Ryedale School – staff and students alike!

Last week we had a whole school focus week looking at feedback and marking at Ryedale School.

On Monday the staff took part in a professional discussion and development session on the importance of really good quality feedback in lessons and in students’ books.

When we were in lessons and at Student Council the students told us:

  • Feedback needs to be frequent.
  • We need very clear advice on how to improve our work.
  • We like to know what we did well so that we can do it well in the future.
  • Time to read our comments and improve our work is useful.

So we listened and created our first Ryedale School Feedback Policy: 

Feedback policy

Students, now it’s over to you!

  • Take time to read through your comments.
  • Listen carefully to verbal feedback in lessons.
  • Most importantly: reflect on it and respond to it!

Research shows that using your feedback is crucial if you want to make progress!

Parents, you can support too!

  • Look at your child’s books and work
  • Talk to them about their learning
  • Encourage your child to respond to feedback and make improvements.

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