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Assessment & Feedback

Ryedale School Design and Technology / Food and nutrition

Assessment and feedback – expected good practice for KS3, year 9 and year 10.

By the end of a school year, work scrutinies should show the following aspects of good practice in pupils’ design books:

1. Assessment sheet (teacher target) filled in at the front of each pupil’s book.
2. At least one piece of useful peer feedback. Students will be properly trained by their teacher.
3. At least one piece of useful self-assessment/review/target setting. Students will be properly trained by their teacher.
4. At least 2 ‘working at’ grades with accompanying targets which refer to the numbered list in the front of exercise books.
5. Whole class feedback from read only/group marking.
6. Feed up – in the form of clear success criteria, especially for key tasks such as idea generation.
7. An end of project self-assessment (evaluation), followed by teacher check. This might form one of the w/a opportunities.

In Year 11, pupils will receive checklists which give feedback about current marks or numbered grades in relation to the quality of their NEA work (coursework). Under exam board rules, we are not allowed to give specific instructions to individual pupils on how to improve their work further. However, this information can be given as whole class, generic feedback, and pupils will need to improve their work by responding to this advice.

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