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Double success for the Year 9 and 11 Netball team as they both qualify for the County Round

The year 11’s were unbeaten in their district tournament. Their closest match was against Whitby, which Ryedale won 15-3! Excellent team effort.

Poppy Robinson, Year 9 Netball Captain reports on the District Tournament played on Thursday 3rd October.

In total we played 9 games. The first few of games we won, even though we were not playing as well as usual as we tended to be crowding a lot. When we arrived we went straight into games, the first being against Caedmon, of which the score was 9-1. We had a quick talk before going onto game two against Norton, the score was 8-1. After these matches we spread out more and held our players. This lead to our defense being more efficient when getting the ball from GK (Charlotte Mintoft) and GD (Steph Brown) up to the shooters GA (Isla Mayfield) and GS (Evie Pike). Next we played Malton, this is the first team we would properly need to push ourselves with because we had been beaten by them a couple of times in the past, but after some excellent shots and dodges by GS and great teamwork in the rest of the team, we managed to win 6-3.

We then played St Augustines’ (we won 7-0), and Eskdale (20-0 to us) and Lady Lumley’s. The first half of playing Lady Lumleys’ we were struggling with the score remaining similar but after the second half we managed to win 12-2.

After that we played Scarborough College. This was the school we were mainly looking out for as they have some very good players. In this game we had to slow down a lot and instead of looking only in the D we had to pass around between C (Olivia Clegg) and WA (Poppy Robinson) to make sure we kept possession of the ball. We were winning 5-3 until the last couple of minutes when they equalized with us to make the score 5-5 at full time.

We beat Filey comfortably. The final game we played was against Scalby which was an unbeaten team like us. In this game WD (Olivia Johnson and Milly Brooksbank) made some crucial interceptions helping us to win 7-6 and as a result winning the whole competition with Scarborough College coming second and Scalby and Malton tied for third.

The County Round will be played in November.

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