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Cyberbullying is bullying via digital technologies like mobile phones and computers. This is just as upsetting as physical bullying, and in some ways worse, because the victim can be bullied in their own home, and can never really “get away” from the bully. However, it can be easier to investigate and prove because the evidence usually can be saved, stored or printed.

Key points:

  • If the bullying is happening in school, contact the Form Tutor or another member of staff to get help.
  • It is always worth trying to solve the situation amicably if you can. If you know the other child, consider talking to their parents if you can do so calmly and without making the situation worse.
  • Make sure your own children are aware of the hurt bullying causes and aren’t involved in bullying themselves.
  • Save any evidence by saving/storing/printing it. Know how to take a screen shot.

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