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Well done, loads to get through in the last formal lesson before the mock exam in January. Use the revision document to do general preparation for the exam. Planning your time is very important, and think carefully about the order that you do everything in. Remember, the listening questions come first and it takes 25 minutes for them, leaving 95 minutes for the rest of it. Model essay plan templates for 10 marks and 18 marks are very useful too.

The three chorales for you to have a go at are here, here and here! Remember the minor key rules. Last week’s model answer is here.

Make sure that you have annotated scores for Poulenc and Shostakovich. You can listen to the Bach and Mozart too by clicking on them.

Find a bit of time to keep composition and performance ticking along, and the homework is here. Sorry there’s lots to do near Christmas! Keep working hard and well done this term.

Mr M

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