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Well done today, particularly with your harmony work. As we get into it more, the rules that we develop become more flexible in their use. Remember to treat the leading note with care, and avoid parallel fifths where possible.

We listened to Corelli’s Concerto Grosso no.4  in D, to compare it to the Bach piece we are studying, followed by Schubert’s late String Quintet in C,  having died before he had the chance to hear in performance, and finally Morton Lauridsen’s Dirait-on, composed just a few years ago. We also compared the texture of all three, which is reliant on the use of imitation and canon.

See how you get on with your Bach essay, and don’t forget to use your essay plan to help you. Remember Quality of Written Communication (QWC) is taken into account in your writing, so proper paragraph structure and SPAG is important.

Finally, any problems with the homework, please let me know. See you next week with our first essays ready!

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